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Inkspot: June 2023

Hello, Members and Friends

The WFNB's annual general meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 14 via Zoom at 7 pm. If you are a member in good standing, you can sign up here.

Special thanks to the workshop leaders, readers, participants and volunteers who made WordSpring 2023 in Saint John a success! Next year is bound for Moncton. 

Our next event is our annual writers' retreat, slated for August 18-20 at Villa Madonna retreat centre in Rothesay. Look for the event page soon.

And a little later in the year, WordsFall will take place on October 27-29 in Alma. We can look forward to lots of interesting information and opportunities to mingle with other writers, in the inspiring natural setting of the Bay of Fundy.

All our best for a fun and relaxing summer season.


Rhonda Bulmer and Kris Windley

Welcome, New Members

Gail Collette – Comes to us from the Miramichi and won third prize in this year’s Quantiphi Books for Young people prize for her submission, The Climate Changes Terr. Welcome, Gail!

Mike Friedel – Is a writer from Moncton who enjoys Creative non-fiction, Memoir, Non-Fiction, Flash/Micro fiction. Welcome, Mike!

Lisa Hrabluk - https://wickedideas.ca/ Lisa is an award-winning journalist from Rothesay, author of the 2019 best-seller New Brunswick Underwater, about the historic Wolostoq/St. John River floods. She is interested in the genres of Creative non-fiction, Editing, Essays, Journalism, Non-Fiction, Copywriting, and Freelance writing. Welcome, Lisa!

Connie Larson - https://www.clarsonauthor.com/ , author of The Pack - Perils and Peace of Nature - Lake of the Woods, is from Cambridge Narrows, and is interested in the genres of Creative non-fiction, Non-Fiction and Memoir. Welcome, Connie!

Ian LeTourneau – author of Core Sample (Frog Hollow Press, 2017) [chapbook], Terminal Moraine (Thistledown Press, 2008), Defining Range (Gaspereau Press, 2006) [chapbook] lives in Fredericton, where he is the editor of The Fiddlehead.  Ian won third prize in this year’s Alfred G. Bailey Prize for Poetry Manuscript for his book, Metadata from a Changing Planet. Welcome, Ian!

Susan Morwood – (pen name Suzie Morwood) hails from Salisbury and is the author of two books: Sunglasses 25 cents (2021), and Conversations with Dad (2022). She writes in the genres of Biography, Memoir, Non-Fiction. Welcome, Susan!

Jennifer Bourque – Jennifer is from Saint John and participates in a biweekly radio show at UNBSJ radio 107.3 FM discussing books, art, music, movies, current events and pop culture. She is interested in a wide variety of genres: Biography, Blogging, Comedy, Creative non-fiction, Editing, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Horror, Memoir, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Romance, Science Fiction, Suspense, Speculative Fiction, Young Adult, Flash/Micro fiction, Copywriting, Freelance writing, Graphic Novel, Spoken Word. Welcome, Jennifer!

Shane Levesque – Shane joins us from Moncton, and he is interested in writing non-fiction. Welcome, Shane!

Amanda Audit – Now living in Moncton, Amanda is an early childhood educator who has worked in many aspects of childcare. She has lived all over Canada, and is the author of three books: My Family and Yours, My Family and Your/ Ma famille eat la tienne, and Life Advice from Donuts. She is interested in Children’s fiction. Welcome, Amanda!

Liam Johnson – Is a student who won third prize in this year’s Sheree Fitch Prize for Teen Writers for his submission, Winter’s Claw. Welcome, Liam!

Member News

Melanie Craig-Hansford  announces a book launch on Saturday, June 24 from 1-3 pm at Elmhurst Outdoors in Erbs Cove, 65 Ganong Road. Melanie’s book, Tonight We Sleep with the Window Open, was published in January 2023. This illustrated poetry collection was published by Chapel Street Editions in Woodstock.


Keagan Hawthorne has published a debut collection of poetry, After the Harvest, (Gaspereau). You can purchase a copy here.


James Mullinger’s new standup special, Becoming Canadian, is now available free. The day after performing the first theatre performance of his 2024 tour show at the Imperial Theatre, James released last year’s tour show from the same venue as a new standup special FREE on YouTube. Click Here to watch the official trailer and click here to watch the full standup special.

Have you published or self-published a book? Won an award?
Are you hosting a book signing or launch event? We'll share it here, and we'll also include your news on our social media posts!

Moncton Event

Reading with Peter J. Clair in Mi'kmaq / Rencontre avec l'auteur Peter J. Clair en Mi'kmaq


TUESDAY, JUNE 27 - 6:15 - 7:45PM  /  MARDI 27 JUIN - 18H15 À 19H45

Bibliothéque Moncton Public Library

Open to all / Ouvert à tous




  • WORKSHOPS with WENDY KITTS: Take some time for yourself this summer to help move your writing forward with two live writing workshops. Each session will take place in Caissie Cape, NB.

    These workshops are for aspiring writers who are looking to sell their writing, or anyone who wants to learn how to leverage their expertise — i.e. coaches, speakers, and workshop leaders looking to expand their reach, promote services, increase credibility, and create multiple streams of income. (If you have enough content for a weekend workshop, you have enough for a book.)

  • 1. A Life in PJs: How to sell your writing without leaving the house

    Learn how to find story ideas; create a niche; target and pitch markets (print/online); and more. June 18th, 10-5 / $149.99 plus HST (Sign up for both and pay only $99.99 each!)

    2. Selling Your Expertise: Write a nonfiction book (or e-book)

    Learn how to brainstorm ideas; determine the best idea to develop; and create an outline through fun, targeted exercises to help you write your book easily. You’ll also learn how to write a book proposal to target the right agent or editor should you wish to publish traditionally. July 9th, 10-5 / $149.99 plus HST (Sign up for both and pay only $99.99 each!)

    Bio: Wendy Kitts is a professional freelance writer with over 20 years’ experience. She’s written over 200 articles for publications such as Saltscapes, the Globe & Mail, Readers’ Digest, and the LA Times and is the author of eight traditionally-published nonfiction booksTo learn more go to: https://www.wendykitts.ca/classes or email info@wendykitts.ca.  
  • The Offtopic Writers’ Conference
    August 5, 2023
    Banff, NB, and online
    A full day of writing and talking shop
    Featuring: Will Ferguson, Finnian Burnett, Miranda Krogstad, Andrew Shaughnessy, Marion Lougheed

  • Go and Write! Writing retreats for the wandering soul

    Only two spaces left for Scotland and five for Ireland!
    Join award-winning authors Dr. Gerard Collins and Janie Simpson, based in New Brunswick, on a writing adventure that combines travel and focused time. Our participants include emerging and established writers of all genres – poetry, fiction, drama, memoir and journaling, children’s books, and everything in between – as well as their friends, family, and spouses. Visit www.goandwrite.ca
    for details.

    November 19-28, Writing in the Highlands (Scotland)
    This retreat has two rooms left
    Join us for this 10-day, small group writing retreat in the Highlands, including a week at the Loch Ness Country House Hotel, five minutes from Inverness. We’ll tour Culloden Battlefield, Isle of Skye, Glencoe, Clava Cairns, and more, wrapping up with a literary walking tour of Edinburgh and two nights in a hotel with views of the famed castle.

    December 3-16, Christmastime in the Old Country (Ireland)
    Only five spaces left
    Christmas in Ireland is every bit as magical as you might think. We’ll start with a week in a West Coast castle overlooking a cozy village on the bay, then spend three nights at a glorious old hotel in the heart of Galway, and another three nights at a charming hotel in the centre of Dublin when all the old country is decked out in its festive finest.

    Questions? Contact janiegoandwrite@gmail.com or visit www.goandwrite.ca to see details and what’s included.

  • WORKSHOP: The Art of Storytelling – Aspire to Greatness, by Gerard Collins 

    Saint Andrews by-the-Sea, NB
    Saturday, June 24, 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
    Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre, Water St., Saint Andrews by-the-Sea, NB
    Cost: $85/person.

    Space is limited; please register in advance by June 23. Contact Gerard to register either through Facebook or by emailing him at gerardcollins@gerardcollins.ca.

    Need a refresher on the art of storytelling? Get a jump on your summer writing and join award-winning author and professor Dr. Gerard Collins for this condensed version of his storytelling masterclass, which he recently taught at the invitation of the Frye Festival and at other Maritime venues.

    In this workshop, we’ll talk about story structure, how to show instead of tell, how to develop characters, enhance narrative tension, infuse your prose with subtext, and write dialogue that gets people talking.

    Bring your questions and conundrums—we’re putting it all on the table. Contact Gerard to register either through Facebook or by emailing him at gerardcollins@gerardcollins.ca.


The Tennants Cove Writers Workshop (TCWW) has decided to open theIR Saturday, August 5, half-day workshops in Screenwriting and Publishing to WFNB members and to NB Film Cooperative members, for free. The retreat is located in a rural multi-generational family home on the Saint John River in Kars, New Brunswick. Our capacity is limited, so members should write to me individually and tell me what their interests are and which workshop(s) they would like to attend. Each half-day workshop comes with lunch and in addition to in-person instruction will also feature a Zoom session with a noted screenwriter or publishing professional. I will send the address and other details upon acceptance. Welcome!

Peter von Ziegesar
tennantscovewriters.com <http://tennantscovewriters.com/>


Call for Submissions:
Therapeutic Writing Workshop Facilitators

In partnership with Health Accord NL, WritersNL is seeking qualified facilitators to host a series of therapeutic writing workshops this fall. This opportunity is pending funding. 

Therapeutic writing is an easily accessible and versatile form of therapy that can benefit writers of all ages, genres, backgrounds, and experience levels, encouraging personal growth and reflection through creative expression.

Health Accord NL is aiming to promote well-being activities to improve health outcomes during a week-long event showcase from September 18-24, 2023 (tentative dates).

WritersNL is seeking submissions from qualified facilitators for therapeutic writing workshops. This is a PAID opportunity.

The facilitator is responsible for planning and facilitating a 1-2 hour writing workshop on therapeutic writing and how it aids mental health and wellness.

Please submit your workshop outline, a resume/C.V., a short biography and your headshot to info@writersnl.ca.

Deadline for submissions: Friday, June 23, 2023, at 5 p.m. NST

Call for Submissions:
Therapeutic Writing Workshop Facilitators

In partnership with Health Accord NL, WritersNL is seeking qualified facilitators to host a series of therapeutic writing workshops this fall. This opportunity is pending funding. 

Therapeutic writing is an easily accessible and versatile form of therapy that can benefit writers of all ages, genres, backgrounds, and experience levels, encouraging personal growth and reflection through creative expression.

Health Accord NL is aiming to promote well-being activities to improve health outcomes during a week-long event showcase from September 18-24, 2023 (tentative dates).

WritersNL is seeking submissions from qualified facilitators for therapeutic writing workshops. This is a PAID opportunity.

The facilitator is responsible for planning and facilitating a 1-2 hour writing workshop on therapeutic writing and how it aids mental health and wellness.

Please submit your workshop outline, a resume/C.V., a short biography and your headshot to info@writersnl.ca.

Deadline for submissions: Friday, June 23, 2023, at 5 p.m. NST

Writing Groups

  • The Chapter One Writing Group, led by Roche Sappier, has moved to a monthly format, and its next meeting will be Thursday, March 23, 2023, from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm at the Perth-Andover library. All are welcome! Contact PerthAndover.PublicLibrary@gnb.ca for more information.
  • The Writers of Kingston Peninsula are an eclectic group of people that write for a variety of reasons, with many motivations they joyfully share. If you’d like to join them for an exercise in writing from prompts, share your own writing journey, or just to meet other writers, check out our Facebook page or reach out to us through Messenger. Times and dates may vary.
  • The Sunbury Shores writing group is open to receiving new members. They meet on Zoom every 2nd Tuesday and 4th Thursday of every month. Every 2nd Tuesday the group meets in the morning from 10:00am-11:30am and every 4th Thursday they meet in the evening from 7:00pm-8:30pm. For more information or to join, email info@sunburyshores.org or call 506-529-3386.
  • The Writing Group Exhale: Grand Falls, meets every 3rd Saturday at 10:00 AM at the Grand Falls Public Library. The next meeting will be held on February 18, 2023. For more information contact Denise McClure at 75deemac@gmail.com, or call 506-473-6125.
  • The AX, the Arts and Culture Centre of Sussex has a writing group that meets monthly in the gallery. For more information, check out the website, visit 12 Maple Ave., Sussex, or call (506) 433-8351.

Results of Indie Income Survey by ALLi

Self-published authors earn more than writers with publishers. And independent (indie) author incomes are rising, year on year. Key findings included:

  • In 2022, the median income of “primary income” self-publishing authors (those who spend more than half their working time on writing and publishing activities) was $12,749.
  • The average income was over $80,000 (almost a quarter had not yet started to earn, bringing in between 0 and 1K.) Some 28% earned $50k+ and almost a fifth ran six-figure publishing businesses.
  • Equally significantly, self-publishing author incomes are rising, year on year with a 53% increase in 2022 over the previous year. By contrast, previous author income surveys, which have focused on revenues received by authors with traditional publishers, have repeatedly reported lower and falling incomes

Read the full report by the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) on their website. This page showcases free resources ALLi offers, available to any author: www.allianceindependentauthors.org/resources 

Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations – 2024 Lieutenant-Governor's Awards for High Achievement in the Arts

Members of the visual arts, literary arts and performing arts communities: nominate an artist for the prestigious Lieutenant-Governor's Awards for High Achievement in the Arts – and help the New Brunswick Arts Board promote artistic excellence. The nomination period is open!

The Lieutenant-Governor’s Awards for High Achievement in the Arts are designed to recognize the outstanding contribution of New Brunswick artists.

One award of $20,000 may be conferred in each of the following four (4) categories:

Visual Arts Award: including architecture, fine craft, media arts and photography. 

Performing Arts Award: including dance, music and theatre

Literary Arts Award*:  including literary translation, literary performance, spoken word and storytelling

*NEW* Indigenous Artist Award: including visual arts: architecture, fine craft, media arts and photography; performing arts: dance, music and theatre; and literary arts: literary translation, literary performance, spoken word and storytelling

* Please note that awards in Literary Arts alternate between French and English from year to year. This year (2023), nominations in English language literary arts will be considered.


For more information on how to nominate an artist, please refer to the program guidelines or contact the artsnb Program Officer. 

Rebecca Salazar, Program Officer
New Brunswick Arts Board (artsnb)
(506) 440-0037

Free Online Writing Resources and Support

Unleash Creatives Community Write-ins: Let's write! Hosted by Unleash Creatives, this hour-long event will include a simple writing prompt (all genres welcome), and time to write. This community write-in will be delivered via Zoom. Free & open to everyone.
When: 2nd Thursday of every month at 4 p.m. ET.
Where: A direct link will be emailed 24 hours in advance. RSVP here

The Odyssey Online Writers' Salon is meant for those who would like to participate in lively discussion about writing. Share insights, discuss struggles, set goals, ask questions, comment on stories or novels you've read, or recommend good books or resources on writing. You can also ask any questions about Odyssey programs you might have.
When: 2nd Wednesday of every month, 8:30-9:30 p.m. AST beginning Sept. 14, 2022

The Creative Penn - New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Joanna Penn runs a YouTube channel that provides tips on self-publishing, marketing, the business of being a writer and more.

Janet Fitch's Writing Wednesday - Innovative Novel Structures with Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander, the Revolution of Marina M. Having taught formally for many years, Janet wanted to do something for those who are working alone, as she did. As ultimately we all are. Writing Wednesday is her gift to you.

Every Monday at 12pm Dale L. Roberts posts a new video in his Self-Publishing with Dale series. You'll learn how to self publish a book on Kindle and paperback through Amazon KDP.

Visit New Brunswick's incredible The Miramichi Reader for everything from coast to coast author updates, new Canadian literary releases, book reviews, interviews, writing advice, events and more!

The (Writing) Workshop Finder website features ongoing workshops, retreats and conferences for writers. Many other resources are available here too.

Live Canon - For fourteen years Live Canon have been publishing, performing, promoting, celebrating and sharing poetry. Our courses run in person and online and engage with established and emerging poets globally. 

Writing Contests

  • An exciting prize for emerging writers has been launched. The Paul Cave Prize for Literature invites submissions for all forms of poetry, flash fiction, short stories and even novellas up to 10,000 words. Entries open on March 30 and close on September 30. Prizes: Best Novella - £100; Best Short Story - £50; Best Poem - £25; Best Flash Fiction - £25
    Winners of each category will also receive a complimentary copy of The Paul Cave Prize for Literature 2023 book. 

  • Entries open: March 30, 2023
    Entries close: September 30, 2023
    The 2023 competition is now open and closes on June 23,2023. The 
    Greber Awards offer separate prizes - book ($5000.00) and magazine ($2000.00) for writing concerning social justice issues. https://www.greberwritingaward.com/call-for-submissions

  • 2023 International Literary Seminars Fiction and Poetry Contest

    In partnership with Fence! Ready to embark on an incredible literary adventure? We invite you to submit your writing for a chance to be published in Fence, one of North America’s most prestigious literary magazines, and be awarded a full scholarship to attend the December 2023 International Literary Seminars program in Kenya. The ILS program is a unique and intensive series of literary workshops, career consultations, and cultural offerings in Nairobi and Lamu, Kenya. All entries will be considered for publication in Fence or Fence Digital, and a chance to receive editorial feedback.

    The first-prize winner will have their work published in Fence, and will also be awarded a full scholarship, including tuition, accommodations, and an airfare stipend, to attend the December 2023 International Literary Seminars program in Kenya. The second-prize winner will be offered a full tuition fee waiver to attend the December 2023 International Literary Seminars program in Kenya. The third-prize winner will be offered 50% off the tuition fee. Runners up will be awarded partial fellowships to attend the program.

    Read the full contest guidelines. Deadline: August 25, 2023.  Reading Fee: $19 US

Journals, Zines and Podcasts

  • Exclusive Promotional Opportunity for WFNB Members 

    Mark Dykeman is a writer from Woodstock, NB, who currently publishes a Substack newsletter called How About This described as Notebook nerdery, creativity, reading, writing, and realizing, with a dash of current events and pop culture, cooked in a curious Atlantic Canadian sauce. He invites WFNB members to be interviewed about their work and creative process as a part of his Atlantic Canada Mondays series. He is happy to link back to websites, social media, etc. as a part of the interview.

    Mark normally sends a ten-question interview by email and gathers the interviewee's responses the same way. 
    Interested? Contact Mark at  markdykeman@gmail.com.
  • The Moderate Review is accepting short stories, poems, nonfiction, paintings, sculptures, 280 character stories (they will be tweeted if selected), music, and spoken word. The divisions between these art forms are arbitrary. Blur them. Newly established online journal The Moderate Review, showcasing both established and emerging literary talents, invites your words and voices to the ongoing creative discussion. Currently accepting submissions on a rolling basis with no deadlines or publishing dates. Submissions should be sent as a word attachment to moderatereview@gmail.com. There are no word limits, guidelines, or restrictions. However, all submissions must be original work and not previously published.
  • Voyage YA seeking submission — Always free. Always open. Always paid. Please read the submission guidelines carefully. Voyage has no restrictions on the kind of fiction they’re looking for. They simply aim to publish good work and provide a space for new and established voices. To get an idea of what they publish, please read the archives. General submissions are open year-round and there is no fee to submit to the general categories. New work is published weekly. Submissions are only accepted via online submission managing system, Submittable. Visit the website for complete guidelines.
  • Elegant Literature, a short fiction magazine focused exclusively on new/unpublished writers is accepting submissions in all genres, from anyone age 13 and up. We pay 10 cents a word and publish stories between 500 - 2000 words. Our contract is favourable to the author and openly available on our website. We don't allow pros to submit in order to focus on aspiring talent. Visit the website for more information.
  • Live Canon - For fourteen years Live Canon have been publishing, performing, promoting, celebrating and sharing poetry. We publish anthologies, debuts and collections. Our ensemble perform poetry at theatres, festivals and events, and record poetry for radio, digital projects and interdisciplinary collaborations. We work with other art forms to create installations, interventions and experiences. We work with young people to create, explore and enjoy poetry.
  • League of Canadian Poets Poetry News - Subscribe to Poetry Pause for your daily delivery of Canadian poetry! Poetry Pause delivers more than a daily poem; it delivers the chance for folks to pause for poetry.  Sign up for Poetry Pause and spare a few minutes each day for words that heal, inspire, and sustain. We’re always accepting submissions!

Publishers and Literary Markets

  • Merlin Star Press is a new publisher based in Cocagne, New Brunswick, initially focusing on writers in southeastern New Brunswick, with a long-term goal of publishing writers from across Atlantic Canada. They are accepting submissions until July 1. They are interested in fiction and general interest submissions. They are not interested in poetry, children’s books, erotica, graphic novels, short stories, guide books, sports, cooking, young or new adult, memoir, autobiography, photo, self help, travel, how to, religious, or similar.
  • Atmosphere Press is a collaborative publisher, currently seeking great manuscripts from diverse (feminist!) voices. This year Atmosphere authors have sold thousands of books across five continents, received featured reviews with Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, and Booklist, and have even appeared on a giant billboard in Times Square. And they’d love to see what you’ve written!
  • Authors Get Published is an online boutique publishing house located in Toronto, Ontario. They are a full-service publishing house that publishes first-time and seasoned authors on their journey to become published authors, by providing book cover creation, manuscript editing services, formatting, and more. Distributed through Ingram, Authors Get Published work to ensure that each author’s book or books receive maximum visibility online through their website and online platforms where books are sold. If you would like to submit your manuscript for consideration, please email the Editor-in-Chief Christine at Christine@AuthorsGetPublished.com. They reply to every submission within 2 weeks. Visit the website for complete manuscript submission details.
  • VS. Books was founded by artist Vivek Shraya to create more intergenerational dialogue and support for artists of colour. Each year, Vivek offers a mentorship opportunity and publishing contract for a writer who is Indigenous, Black, or a person of colour. This year VS. Books’ is seeking an unpublished Indigenous writer, Black writer, or a writer of colour, over the age of 50 living in Canada.
  • Indian Ink Publishing is currently seeking completed literary fiction, trade fiction, and creative non-fiction manuscripts by emerging and established writers. Indian Ink Publishing is focused on bringing diverse narratives in to the homes of our readers. We believe that a rich story lives in every writer and consider it our number one priority to nurture that story from page to press. Storytelling is our passion. We aim to amplify underrepresented voices and capture unique experiences in the fiction and non-fiction books we publish. We are excited by prose that is compelling and innovative, bold and nuanced, that has the ability to transport the reader beyond their own imagination. We aim to publish work that reflects the diversity in Canada's cultural fabric and encourage writers who identify as women, Indigenous, persons of colour, LGBTQ+, and persons with disabilities to submit. 

Grants, Residencies and Poet Laureateships

Provincial Grants

Artsnb administers eight grant programs. Deadlines vary throughout the year. You can submit your grant applications online. In addition, ArtsNB:

  • offers Accessibility and Equity programs which provide additional financial support to NB artists who face barriers when applying for grants or in carrying out their proposed activities.
  • The Application Assistance program, provides funding to individuals who encounter disability-related barriers to completing an online grant application; and to Indigenous artists facing language, geographic and/or cultural barriers with the online application process.
  • The Access Support program is designed to provide supplemental funding to grant recipients who require disability-related assistance to carry out their proposed activities. For more information: info@artsnb.ca or 506-444-4445

Federal Grants

  • Canada Council for the Arts: New and Early Career ArtistsThe Canada Council for the Arts is making it easier for artists to apply for their first grant—they’ve launched a profile for new and early career artists. It’s part of a two-year pilot project to reach the next wave of artists in Canada and renew support to the arts sector. Artists at the start of their careers—including those who are new to Canada—can apply for Canada Council funding.

An artist with a new and early career artist profile is eligible to apply for grants from three Explore and Create components:

  • Professional Development for Artists—Project grants to support career advancement activities for artists and artistic groups—including mentorships, internships, apprenticeships, specialized training and workshops.
  • Research and Creation—Project grants to support creative research, development and the creation of new works, including residencies.
  • Concept to Realization—Project grants to support activities that will result in completed works that are shown to the public—including public presentations, exhibitions, media arts and digital arts production ready for dissemination.

To be eligible as a New/Early Career Artist, you must:

  • have no other approved applicant profiles with the Canada Council
  • have not previously received a grant from the Canada Council
  • be at least 18 years old
  • be either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
  • have some training, experience or accomplishments in one or more of the Council’s recognized fields of practice. Past training could include mentorship, self-study, workshops, etc. Training in an academic institution is not mandatory. The Council recognizes training, experience or accomplishments that took place outside of Canada.  
  • be committed to the ongoing development of your skills and artistic practice

Create an account on the portal, and then submit a new and early career artist profile. You can only have one of these profiles. Create it and apply with your main field of practice—you can still apply for grants with other fields of practice later on. Make sure your CV matches with the eligibility criteria listed above. We recommend you get started with your profile well ahead of the competition you’re working towards because your profile will need to be validated before you can apply for a grant. 

Writing Residencies

Check back next month for more writing residency opportunities!

Poet Laureateships

Check back next month for upcoming Poet Laureateship applications!

Canadian Writing Markets

  • ·         The CBC has an extensive list of Canadian Literary Journals for submissions to literary magazines here and Canadian Publishing Houses here.
  • ·         Quick Brown Fox regularly updates its list of writing markets for poems, short stories and novels. The site is maintained by writing workshop instructor and author Brian Henry and is an invaluable resource for new and seasoned writers.  

Services for Writers

Writing Mentoring /Coaching

  • Kayla Geitzler - Creative Writing MA, Poet Laureate (2019-2022), experienced literary project manager and editor offers customized mentoring in poetry, prose and performance, professional writing services, university-level masterclass courses and engaging workshops.  Email: kaylagwrites@gmail.com or visit kaylagwrites.com
  • Moncton writer and editor Lee D. Thompson is offering three 55-hour novel-writing (or creative non-fiction) mentorships in 2023, with a 10% discount to WFNB members. The mentorships include developmental editing and structural guidance and are ideal for works in the early to mid stages of creation.  Though the timelines are very flexible, and may be spread over many months, the mentorships are set for February, April and June. Payment plans are available. For full details, contact editor@galleonbooks.ca
  • Shoshanna Wingate, Poet Laureate, MFA, founder of literary journal, Riddle Fence. Experienced writing teacher/coach offers one-on-one mentorship to poets and prose writers at all stages of their career. You can expect gentle and detailed feedback. Short-term or long-term projects welcome. Email: wingateshoshanna@gmail.com


  • Sandra Bunting Proofreading, editing or an extra polish on your short story, poem, memoir, novel or nonfiction project. Contact Sandra Bunting at Gaelóg Press Writing and Editing Services. Email: Gaelogpress@gmail.com or text 506-251-5009.
  • Petrina Ferris is a technical writer who offers business documentation and communication services, science/technical editing and writing services. Visit her website for more information.
  • Kayla Geitzler (Moncton) offers full editorial services, content writing, book creation, ebooks, and professional documentation services. Creative, business, academic. https://kaylagwrites.com/
  • Lee Thompson (Moncton) provides full editorial services to WFNB writers at reasonable rates. 
  • Shoshanna Wingate (Sackville) provides full editorial services, including developmental and line editing, query letters, book proposals, and grant applications. Email: wingateshoshanna@gmail.com. 


  • Hellhag Productions (formerly Flying Elk Photography) is located in Saint John. In addition to photography, FEP also designs book covers. If you want a great looking cover for your book, take a look at our website for inspiration: https://www.hellhagproductionswdc.com/
  • Jeremy McLean (Harvey) offers services such as converting manuscripts into ebooks to sell on Amazon and Kobo; and formatting books for print-on-demand outlets such as Createspace and Lightning Source. Other services are listed on his website.


  • Rose Després (Cocagne) provides translation, proofreading and revision in and from French and English. She is a qualified translator with Canada Council for the Arts and artsnb translators, and has wide-ranging experience in diverse writing styles.

Post a Short Ad

It's free for members (runs indefinitely) and $15 for non-members. For members, this service includes posting your ad on the Resources page of wfnb.ca.

Ongoing Membership Benefits

Group Health Insurance for Writers

The Writers’ Coalition Program offers an affordable personal health insurance plan for WFNB members. To obtain a quote, just provide your province and date of birth here.

WFNB Bookstore Club

Present your current membership card to receive a 10% discount at the following independent bookstores: and Blind Forest Books & Novelties in Sackville, Cover to Cover Books in Riverview, Tidewater Books in Sackville, and Westminster Books in Fredericton.

Regional Representatives

Region                                                                                  Representative

Charlotte Country, St. Andrews                                Vanessa Hawkins

Fredericton                                                               Jenna Lyn Albert

Moncton, Dieppe, Riverview                                     Kayla Geitzler

Saint John, Grand Bay-Westfield, Rothesay             Martha Vowles

Shediac                                                                     Louise Comtois

Sussex                                                                      Jane Simpson

Tantramar, Sackville, Port Elgin, Dorchester            Geordie Miller

Lifetime Members

Nancy Bauer, Ann Brennan, Kent Bulmer, Rhonda Bulmer, Wayne Curtis, Sheree Fitch, Jean Frances, Cathy Fynn, Ginny Hill, M. Travis Lane, Gwen Martin, M. Anne Mitton, David Adams Richards, Valerie Sherrard, Lee D. Thompson, Doug Underhill

Become a Lifetime Member

Lifetime membership costs $1000. We appreciate the generosity of  those members who are ensuring the continuity of the WFNB, and its impact on NB writers, by such a donation. Contact us at info@wfnb.ca for more details.

Lifetime Membership has been bestowed on those founding members who helped establish the WFNB in the 1980s. It is also sometimes bestowed on those who have made a significant volunteer contribution to the life of our organization.

See the main page of our website for a list of general sponsors, and sponsors of our awards programs.


Are you an unpublished writer? The Writers' Trust of Canada is releasing a call for applications for their Mentorship program to WFNB members. This is a new program that helps unpublished writers polish their manuscripts during a five-month one-on-one mentorship. Our mentors this year are Antonio Michael Downing for nonfiction, Thea Lim for fiction, and Jónína Kirton for poetry. The Call for Applications notice is here.

Job Board
Atlantic Business Magazine

Dawn Chafe, editor and co-owner of Atlantic Business Magazine is looking for a freelance contributor to write a story about St. Stephen, N.B. - specifically, the pros and cons of life as a border town. She needs a magazine-style writer who is adept at telling a captivating story with deftly integrated, well researched facts. Contact: dchafe@atlanticbusinessmagazine.ca

Territorial Acknowledgement

The Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick acknowledges that the land on which we live, work and gather is the traditional unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) and Mi’kmaq Peoples, and we honour the spirit of our ancestors’ Treaties of Peace and Friendship.

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