Creating community through words 

“The WFNB is an essential and caring group for any young writer, especially those just beginning their careers. As we know writing is a hard enough and solitary enough vocation. The WFNB is a most valuable federation, able to encourage, befriend, and at times offset isolation.” David Adams Richards

About Us

Whether you write full-time, or as a hobby — or just want to connect with other people who love words — you will find a welcoming and supportive home here. Learn More»

Meet our members

Everywhere you look in New Brunswick, writing is happening. In cafés and libraries, in boardrooms and country kitchens. Meet some of those writers here. Learn More»

What's Happening?

Our events calendar informs you about workshops, readings, and other writing-related happenings around the province. Send us news of your events. Learn More»
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