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A Mythology Talking Circle

Roche will talk about the ancient mythology(ies) of the First Nations Peoples in the Atlantic Region and from those along the eastern seaboard of North America. His research has led him to many revelations regarding his people's tenure on earth and the relationships they have had with other cultures going back many thousands of years. Roche will hold a "Talking Circle" workshop to introduce this to our members and to start discussions on doing historical research and perspectives on the source of all mythology and legends for our writing development.

"Appalachian Culture," from the Appalachian Trail region, had its genesis in the Appalachian Mountains which spans northern Florida to New Brunswick, Canada was Aboriginal-based. Roche’s people were there for thousands of years prior to the coming of freed slaves and the poor Irish and Scottish peoples who were cast out from the coastal areas by rich folk. FYI, All of the mythology and monsters that originated from there such as: The Sasquatch; The Mothman; The Winthrop Witches; The Ancient Trail Graveyards; The Dire Wolf; The Little Peoples, etc. etc. are all from Aboriginal folklore and not from the white culture. They, like everything else had been culturally expropriated and hijacked.

Roche Timothy-Francis Sappier BBA, BA

Roche Timothy-Francis Sappier is a Maliseet Aboriginal from the Tobique First Nation in northwestern New Brunswick, Canada. He is a writer, researcher, historian, social innovator, entrepreneur and a self-taught artist.

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