Members are warmly encouraged to submit a profile to our Member Directory. The directory helps you to connect with other writers in your community and to see who’s doing what in the growing world of New Brunswick writing.

 Here’s how to submit your profile.

1.  Check you are a current member. If uncertain, email to confirm.

2.  If you are a member, go to step 4.

3.  If you’re not a member, you can join here.

4.  Send the following items to Put MEMBER BIO in subject line.

  • a small JPG photo (300 px by 300 px) clearly identified by your name (e.g., pat-chaisson.jpg)
  • a short bio (200–300 words)
  • your name, location (town/city), and email address
  • your website address, if you have one
  • genres you write in (fiction, non-fiction, journalism, children’s/YA, poetry, memoir, scriptwriting, other)
  • titles of your published work

That’s it. Once we receive and upload your information, we email you to confirm all is well.

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