2020 WFNB Writing Competition Award Winners

(Writer bios can be found here)

David Adams Richards Prize (fiction manuscript)
Judge: Donna Morrissey

  • First place winner: Roger Moore (Island View, NB), On Being Welsh
  • Second place winner: Colin Thornton (Shediac, NB), King Nut
  • Third place winner: Neil Sampson (Durham Bridge, NB), Tales in Vanilla Voice
  • Honourable Mentions:  Vanessa C Hawkins (St. George, NB), Ed Lemond (Dieppe, NB), Jim Read (Saint John, NB), Andrea Kikuchi (Saint John, NB)


Alfred G. Bailey Prize (poetry manuscript)
Judge: Mark Callanan

  • First place winner: Kathy Mac (Fredericton, NB), Sidekicks and Love Interests
  • Second place winner: Roger Moore (Island View, NB), The Nature of Art and the Art of Nature
  • Third place winner: Jane Tims (Rusagonis, NB), A Glimpse of Sickle Moon


Douglas Kyle Memorial Prize (short fiction)
Judge: Ida Linehan Young

  • First place winner: Brent Mason (Saint John, NB), Root Cellar
  • Second place winner: Trent Pomeroy (Rothesay, NB), Bottomless
  • Third place winner: Martha Vowles (Grand Bay-Westfield), Camp Tamarack
  • Honourable Mentions:  Derek Nason (Saint John), Allan Hudson (Cocagne, NB)


Narrative Nonfiction Prize
Judge: Judy McFarlane

  • First place winner: Trenton Pomeroy (Rothesay, NB), The Vanishing Hope of Singing
  • Second place winner: Shaun Cunningham (Sackville, NB), Where I’m From
  • Third place winner: Roger Moore (Island View, NB), An Exercise in Writing


Dawn Watson Memorial Prize (single poem)
Judge: Barry Dempster

  • First place winner: Melanie Craig-Hansford (Erbs Cove, NB), Sol Invictus
  • Second place winner: Brent Mason (Saint John, NB), Heart of the Heart
  • Third place winners: Laura Watson (Sackville, NB), Spell for Learning How to Float ;
    Carol Steel (Grand Digue, NB), Squabbles and Promises


Fog Lit Books For Young People Prize
Judge: Jan Coates

  • First place winner: Cheryl Thomas (Lower Coverdale, NB), Rainy Day Parade
  • Second place winner: Cheryl Thomas (Lower Coverdale, NB), Willowee Willameena Wannabee
  • Third place winner: Loie Dunn (Hillsborough, NB), The Magical Confectioner


Sheree Fitch Prize for Teen Writers
Judge: Heather Smith

  • First place winner: Kennedy Flander (Hampton, NB), Grief
  • Second place winner: Michael Couglin (Florenceville-Bristol, NB), Runaways
  • Third place winner: Tori Garnett (Saint John, NB), The Last Pain


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