2018 WFNB Writing Competition Award Winners

David Adams Richards Prize 
(Judge: Michelle Butler Hallett, Newfoundland & Labrador)

First Place:  Lee Thompson (Moncton, NB), The Purpose of Evolution is Not Immortality

Second Place:  James McClure (Saint John, NB), Playing like a Girl

Third Place: Roger Moore (Island View, NB), Devil’s Kitchen

Alfred G. Bailey Prize
(Judge: Kimmy Beach, Alberta)

First Place:  Neil Sampson (Durham Bridge, NB), Apples on the Nashwaak

Second Place: Jennifer Houle (Hanwell, NB), Virga

Third Place: Matthew Gwathmey (Fredericton, NB), Along that Range, the Appalachians

Douglas Kyle Memorial Prize
(Judge: Sandra Birdsell, Ontario)

First Place: Trent Pomeroy (Rothesay, NB), The Rat

Second Place: Chris Graham-Rombough (Sackville, NB), The Yard Sale

Third Place: Edward Lemond (Dieppe, NB), David James

Dawn Watson Memorial Prize
(Judge: Dave Margoshes, Saskatchewan)

First Place:  Melanie Craig-Hansford (Erbs Cove, NB), Mornings in Erbs Cove 

Second Place: Neil Sampson (Durham Bridge, NB), William Wordsworth Walks His Dogs 

Third Place: Bryn Harris (Grand Manan, NB), Imperfect Pitch     

Honourable Mention: Edward Lemond (Dieppe, NB) Where the Ducks Swim

Honourable Mention: Richard Toth (Old Ridge, NB) They Called it a Flaming Duck

Honourable Mention: Roger Moore (Island View, NB), Angel

Honourable Mention:  Michelle McLean (Carlow, NB), Keepsakes

Fog Lit Books for Young People Prize
(Judge:  Tanya Lloyd Kyi, British Columbia)

First Place:  Jennifer Shelby (Hopewell Hill, NB), Dragon Crossing

Second Place:  Anna Eleonora Haglund Hellstrom (Saint John, NB), A Tale of Wind and Sky    

Third Place: Freya Clark (St. Andrews, NB), Acceptance

Sheree Fitch Prize for Young Writers
(Judge: Norene Smiley, Nova Scotia)

First Place:  Susanna Cupido (Sackville, NB), The Shop  

Second Place:  Anajose Reyes (New Maryland, NB), Strawberry–Mango

Third Place: Susanna Cupido (Sackville, NB), Sonnet for the Hedgehog

Honourable Mention: Lauren Wilkins (Moncton, NB), ThornBlush

Honourable Mention: Chloe Cull (Fredericton, NB) Soft as Cotton Balls

Narrative Nonfiction
(Judge: Chris Benjamin, Nova Scotia)

First Place:  Beth LaRocque (Saint John, NB), A Tale of 2 (X4) Grandmothers 

Second Place:  Molly Titus (Rothesay, NB), Missing Bill

Third Place: Margaret Eaton (Moncton, NB), Ruminations on Rumi

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