2020-21 WFNB Writing Competition Award Winners

David Adams Richards Prize (novel extract, novella, short story collection)
Judge: Carol Bruneau

  • First Place Winner: Zev Bagel (Shediac, NB), Solitary
  • Second Place Winner: Trent Pomeroy (Rothesay) Writers, Rats and Other Creatures
  • Third Place Winner: Elizabeth Blanchard (Grand -Barachois), The Last Time My Mother Left Without Her Shoes

Honourable Mentions:

  • Heather Gunn (Shediac), How’s she Goin’?
  • Brent Mason (Saint John), The Root Cellar and Other Stories
  • Ann Marie Beatttie (Oshawa), In the Shadow of Secrets
  • Sharon Bird (Calgary), Gulliver’s Gulch


Alfred G. Bailey Prize (poetry manuscript)
Judge: Annick MacAskill

  • First Place Winner: Keagan Hawthorn (Sackville), After the Harvest
  • Second Place Winner: Jill Dunderdale (Fredericton) What Autumn Taught Me
  • Third Place Winner: Kayla Geitzler (Moncton) Witching in the Blood


Douglas Kyle Memorial Prize (single short story)
Judge: Evelyn C White

  • First Place Winner: Agata Antonow (Florenceville-Bristol), Nightcrawlers
  • Second Place Winner: Brent Mason (Saint John), It Takes a Village
  • Third Place Winner: Anne Marie Beattie (Oshawa), The Songwriter


Narrative Nonfiction Prize
Judge: Monica Graham

  • First Place Winner: Roger Moore (Island View), Two Dead Poets
  • Second Place Winner: Scott Wilson (Regina), Homework Assignments & Human Sacrifices
  • Third Place Winner: Trent Pomeroy (Rothesay), Small Stories


Dawn Watson Memorial Prize (single poem)
Judge: L M Rochefort

  • First Place Winner: Kathy Mac (Fredericton), An Element
  • Second Place Winner: Shari Andrews (New Maryland), Double-Boiler
  • Third Place Winner: Shari Andrews (New Maryland), Banner of Unusual News


Fog Lit Books For Young People Prize (short stories or poems for young people)
Judge: Lisa Harrington

  • First Place Winner: Karen Davidson (Elgin), Albert County Tuxedo
  • Second Place Winner: Cheryl Thomas (Lower Coverdale), The Tangled Up Pups
  • Third Place Winner: Cheryl Thomas (Lower Coverdale), Humblebee the Bumblebee


Sheree Fitch Prize for Teen Writers (short story or poem written by teens)
Judge: Joanne Levy

  • First Place Winner: Tori Garnett (Saint John), Woman
  • Second Place Winner: Olivia Mazerolle (Riverview), The Ferryman
  • Third Place Winner: Emmalyn Sheehan (Lepreau), Loss


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