2019 WFNB Writing Competiton Award Winners

David Adams Richards Prize (fiction manuscript)

  • First Place – Richard Toth (Old Ridge, NB), What is Given, Like Baggage
  • Second Place – John Hanson (Saint John, NB), Drip by Drip
  • Third Place – Jake Swan (Quispamsis, NB), In the Company of Carnivores


Alfred G. Bailey Prize (poetry manuscript)

  • First Place – Karen Davidson (Elgin, NB), Heavenly Blue
  • Second Place – Margo Wheaton (Halifax, NS), Rags of Night in Our Mouths
  • Third Place – Emily Skov-Neilsen (Fredericton, NB), Meet Me at the Volta


Douglas Kyle Memorial Prize (short fiction)

  • First Place  – Neil Sampson (Durham Bridge, NB), Did I Ever Get My Toast?
  • Second Place –  Andrew Wallace (Rothesay, NB), Gripping the Ribs of Its Cage
  • Third Place – James McClure (Saint John, NB), White Trash Pietà


Dawn Watson Memorial Prize (single poem)

  • First Place – Richard Toth (Old Ridge, NB), the war’s not over
  • Second Place – Mairi LaFrance (Canterbury, NB), Just in case
  • Third Place – Bryn Harris (Grand Manan, NB), Oh Sweet Canada

Fog Lit Books for Young People Prize

  • First Place – Sara Sparks (St. George, NB), Ghost, the Bootlegger’s Horse
  • Second Place  – Rachel Friars (Sussex, NB), A Dress of Ashes
  • Third Place – Jennifer Shelby (Hopewell Hill, NB), Parachutes and Grappling Hooks


PWAC-Southwest New Brunswick Narrative Non-Fiction Prize

  • First Place – Gwen Martin (Yoho, NB), The Fragility of Bowls
  • Second Place – Trenton Pomeroy (Rothesay, NB), Windows
  • Third Place – Eve Nash (Moncton, NB), More Than a Name


Sheree Fitch Prize for Young Writers (age 13–18)

  • First Place – Joshua Merrett (Saint John, NB), The Sea
  • Second Place – Natalie London (Saint John, NB), Happy Endings
  • Third Place – Patrick MacDonald (Saint John, NB), Hey Charlie


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