children readingThe Writers in the Schools Program (WiSP) is funded by the anglophone sector of the New Brunswick Department of Education. It began in 1977 and has served students and teachers across the province ever since.

WiSP makes it easy for teachers to invite an author or illustrator with a New Brunswick connection into their classrooms.

Students come to realize — many for the first time — that books don’t just appear on library shelves but are written by real, vibrant people … people who are excited to share what it’s like being an author and to talk about the power of the written word.

A WiSP visit can be a wonderful and worthwhile experience. Often, an author’s presentation will inspire students to read more and to write themselves.

WiSP also helps teachers bring illustrators into their classrooms to share information about the creation of books, magazines and other publications. A visiting artist can demonstrate first-hand the connection between images and a story or other text. Students with a strong interest in art may benefit from seeing how the publishing world values artistic skills.

Please contact the WiSP Committee of WFNB if you have questions about the program that are not answered on these pages.



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