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Editing Services

  • Lee Thompson (Moncton) full-service editorial assistance to WFNB writers at reasonable rates. Specials on his website.
  • Sandra Bunting (Burnt Church) bilingual writer (poetry, fiction, Irish myths and academic), editor, workshop leader, language teacher.
  • Ian LeTourneau – (Fredericton) manuscript evaluation and editing, specializes in poetry. Ian is just finishing a two-year term as the City of Fredericton’s inaugural Cultural Laureate.
  • Forrest Orser – (Fredericton) daily newspaper editor for more than 30 years, published poet and short story writer, edits your first 10 pages free.
  • Rose Després – Translation, proofreading, revision, in and from French and English languages. Contact her via email.
  • Jeremy McLean (Harvey) Converts manuscripts into ebooks for retailers such as Amazon and Kobo, or formatting for print on demand services such as Createspace and Lightning Source. Other services are listed on his website.

Accounting Services

  • Iain R. Fyffe (Fredericton) Chartered Professional Accountant, tax and accounting
    services to individuals and small businesses.
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