2017 (see sidebar for previous years)

David Adams Richards Prize  (Judge: Darren Greer, Ontario)

First Place:  Travis Oltmann (Calgary, AB), Descending the Saint

Second Place:  Neil McKinnon (Langley, BC), Yoshida’s Sword

Honourable Mention:
Richard Toth (Old Ridge, NB), What is Given, Like Baggage

Alfred G. Bailey Prize  (Judge: donalee Moulton, Nova Scotia)

First Place:  Margot Maddison-MacFadyen (Hunter River, PEI), From Hollyburn Mountain: A Memoir of My Family, Places, and Ghosts

Second Place: Katie Vautour (St. John’s, NL), An Unorthodox Guide to Wildlife

Honourable Mention:
Michelle McLean (Carlow, NB), Tesserae

Douglas Kyle Memorial Prize  (Judge: Lisa Dorazio, British Columbia)

First Place: Orry O’Neil (Salmon Beach, NB), A Picture is Worth a Thousand Memories

Second Place: Neil Sampson (Durham Bridge, NB), The Other Side of the Sun

Honourable Mention:
Margaret McLeod (Fredericton, NB), January
Leslie Steeves (Steeves Mountain, NB), The Concealed Ally
Anne Marie Beattie (Oshawa, ON), The Reservoir Man

Dawn Watson Memorial Prize  (Judge Rusti LeHay, Alberta)

First Place:  Carol Steel (Riverview, NB), Legacy

Second Place: Gwen Martin (Yoho, NB), Amber and Pearl

Honourable Mention:
Carol Steel (Riverview, NB), Irises in Bloom
Louise Comtois (Shediac, NB), Grandmother’s House
Annette Robichaud (Saint John, NB), We Used to Catch Crickets Together          

Fog Lit Books for Young People Prize  (Judge:  Sharon McKay, PEI)

First Place:  Rachael L. Arsenault (Fredericton, NB), Order Up

Second Place:  Colin Thornton (Shediac, NB), Pamela

Honourable Mention:
Margaret McLeod (Fredericton, NB), Sister Witch
Connor McDonald (Saint John, NB),  Goodnight Irene

Sheree Fitch Prize for Young Writers  (Judge: Karen Bass, Alberta)

First Place:  Connor McDonald (Saint John, NB), Flowers for Mrs. Goode

Second Place:  Katelynn Ervin (Saint John, NB), Mother

Honourable Mention:
Lauren Wilkins (Moncton, NB), Pray for Orlando

PWAC-Southwest NB Prize for Narrative Non-Fiction  (Judge: Nancy Painter, BC)

First Place:  Trent Pomeroy (Saint John, NB), Helen’s Funeral

Second Place:  Gwen Martin (Yoho, NB), The Stasis of Containment

Honourable Mention:
Pat Post (Fredericton, NB), One Hundred and One Ballerinas

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