Current Winners

2016 (see sidebar for previous years)

David Adams Richards Prize

John Paciga (Rothesay, NB) Indiscretion (first place)
Dylan Sealy (Fredericton, NB) Eleanor the Cat (second place)

Roger Moore, (Island View, NB) Nobody’s Child (honourable mention)
Alex MacDonald (Keswick Ridge, NB) Constant Companions (honourable mention)


Alfred G. Bailey Prize

Jane Tims (Rusagonis, NB) Mnemonic (first place)
Kayla Geitzler (Moncton, NB) That Light Feeling Under Your Feet (second place)

Karen Davidson (Elgin, NB) Endangered (honourable mention)


Douglas Kyle Memorial Prize

Jamie Gibbs (Miramichi, NB) Our Hunger (first place)
John Paciga (Rothesay, NB) Tim Lovers and the Donut Rebellion (second place)

Cindy Rule (Miramichi, NB) Falling Into (honourable mention)
Connie Vera Keeler (Northampton, NB) Iktsuarpok (honourable mention)
John Paciga (Rothesay, NB) The Long Hauler and John Lennon’s Heart (honourable mention)


Dawn Watson Memorial Prize

Carol Steel (Riverview, NB) October Farewell (first place)
Carol Steel (Riverview, NB) Here You Are (second place)

Shari Andrews (Fredericton, NB) Memorial at Lac-Mégantic, Québec (honourable mention)
Victor Hendricken (Yoho, NB) Abandoned (honourable mention)
David Watts (Fredericton, NB) A Thirteen-Year-Old Boy Spends a Summer Day (honourable mention)


Fog Lit Books for Young People Prize

Andrew Sharpe (Moncton, NB) The Snowman Factory (first place)
Leslie Steeves (Steeves Mountain, NB) The Stick (second place)

Victor Hendricken (Yoho, NB) The Black Horse (honourable mention)
Joanne Findon (Peterborough, ON) The Enchanted Forest (honourable mention)
Bruce Driscoll (Oromocto, NB) The Dragon’s Scales (honourable mention)


Sheree Fitch Prize for Young Writers

Lauren Wilkins (Moncton, NB) Balancing Act (first place)
Lauren Wilkins (Moncton, NB) Welcome Mat (second place)

Spencer Folkins (Ratter Corner, NB) Bad Weather (honourable mention)
Emma Brown (St. Stephen, NB) Maybe We Were (honourable mention)
Julieann Drane (Saint John, NB) Colours (honourable mention)


PWAC-Southwest NB Prize for Narrative Non-Fiction

Deborah Carr (Hillsborough, NB) The Art of Seeing Clearly (first place)
Linda Turner (Collette, NB) Redemption Writing (second place)

Anne Marie Beattie (Oshawa, ON) Strangle Hold (honourable mention)
Neil Sampson (Durham Bridge, NB) Three Pounds Big (honourable mention)

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