YouthWrites (YW) offers young New Brunswick writers (ages 13 to 18 inclusive) an online forum to e-publish their short stories and poems.

Here’s what to do. First, you join WFNB. It’s easy. Just mail $5 worth of postage stamps (= five stamps) to WFNB, PO Box 4528, Rothesay, NB, E2E 5X2 with a note giving us your name, email, phone number and mailing address. We’ll mail you a membership card that gets you 10% off at some bookstores. (Membership also has other benefits).

Next, send us your story or poem, using these guidelines.

  1. Email an electronic copy (in MS Word) of your story or poem to me, Gwen Martin (YW co-organizer). The upper limit is 2,500 words for stories or 100 lines for poems. If your work is too long, we can talk (maybe publish an excerpt).
  2. Print off and fill out the permission form. We need it signed by you AND your parent or guardian. Then mail the signed form to the address shown above.
  3. [optional] Email me your headshot in jpg (~300 px by 300 px) and a few sentences about yourself (~100 words).
  4. [optional] Join the YouthWrites Facebook group run by Spencer Folkins. Spencer is a YouthWrites co-organizer and goes to Sussex Regional High School. You can reach him by email or Facebook.

Once we post your story on this website, we’ll send you an email.

We hope that youths, teachers and parents together will discover ways to use these stories and poems in the classroom and at home. They could make great starting points for chats about writing and language; about fear and courage; about anger and joy…about life.

Questions or feedback? Please email Gwen or call (506) 366-3079.

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